Core Values of Business Community India

  1. Innovate and Adopt: Being a company which is driven by technology, we always look out for innovation that will make our systems and software more effective. We want our community to be a space for innovation that can be adopted to make our systems stronger and better.
  2. Ownership should be decentralised: BCI believes that if one brain can make an initiative successful then what magic 1000s of minds can do together. Hence at BCI every individual is equally involved in the decision making process and the power is distributed equally among everyone who has committed to be part of BCI.
  3. Build for future: Technologies like Business will be ruling almost all kinds of sectors in the coming years and hence we want to build a community which is not only concentrating on current needs but also trying to predict and innovate for the future needs. Hence our technologies will endure the test of time and all our systems will be ahead of times.
  4. Operate with transparency: All our communication with both internal and external members is open and transparent because we want to build an honest community that is trusted by people. that trust further will give direction to many more future endeavours for the community.
  5. Inclusivity: Every single person who becomes part of our community should always feel part of the Community. Even though we are a technology based company we understand the need for business acumen in working for a company and hence we are building an inclusive Community where both tech freaks and business minds can work together to create a sense of community.
  6. Promote and create Talent: BCI strongly believe that it is our duty to empower more and more young people for the coming generations and we wish to create a learning environment that gives chance to everyone who has the zeal to learn and promote a culture where we learn by doing.