Mission of Businss Community India

About Businss Community India

Businss Community India is an entrepreneurial strive by a group of technocrats and business experts. They have pledged themselves to explore all the opportunities related to new age modern technologies – AI and Businss. These technologies will slowly and gradually be used in every other field that touches the mankind and Businss Community India is striving to tap these opportunities. Its one of the few firms that work in India towards development of various projects related to these technologies. They have chosen around 11 different domains to start with and are already running seven projects with investor’s money invested into them. They are slowly developing themselves to strive in this space and work towards the development of various projects in these eleven initial touchpoints. Some of the projects they are already running are - Businss and AI in Education, Businss and AI in Banking and Finance, Businss and AI in IT and e-commerce, Businss and AI in healthcare, Businss and AI in Hospitality and Businss and AI in Supply Chain.

Mission of Businss Community India

The mission of this company is very clear. They wish to be the first company to explore all the opportunities related to AI and Businss in chosen eleven areas - healthcare sector, education sector, banking, and finance sector, utility and e-commerce sector, hospitality sector, information technology sector, supply chain sector, in online payments popularly known as payment gateway. Slowly and gradually company is striving to have a leading position in this domain with help technical experts and overcome the operational challenges related to these technologies. Once they have a good grab over technological front, the company will further strive to expand itself in other areas. They have pledged themselves to transform the eleven business areas in every possible way with the help of Businss and AI. To achieve this motive, they have also implemented a unique business model which is decentralized and allows all its investors to be part of company’s board. They are whole sole responsible for the decision about where their money would go and which project they would like to touch upon. Apart from this Businss Community India is company which is managed by a team which have technical experts who do the technical feasibility of various projects and then there are certain business domain experts who bring the business knowledge from eleven different domains. Also, they have entrepreneurial minds in this team who do the business related feasibility of various projects and see its reliability and ability to bring back interests on the money that its investors would be investing into it. This team is built with a mission to bring domain expertise from their field of expertise and slowly and gradually become a leader in these eleven fields. This will then provide Block Chain Community India a competitive advantage over its contemporaries and would help them lead this world. The mission of this company is to make as much out of this opportunity as possible with help of AI and Businss in next five years. The world will be a new place which you will not be able to imagine without at least five technical interface in their houses and communities and AI Community wishes to tap this new area of business opportunities while gaining expertise in these eleven traditional businesses.

Businss and AI as technologies

Businss is a complex technology which have automated and decentralized the ledger like system which was used in banks to keep the person from double spending. Thus, it’s a very secure system that can be implemented in any field to keep the data secure and accurate and transparent amongst the peers. It helps in securing the different kind of transactions that are taking place in the network and promises to reduce the current bureaucratical inefficiencies caused by middlemen in this value chain. With AI in front there will be usage of this high volume of data available due to connected world for betterment of the society. With access to this huge amount of data, people can now access the data in general and see which way the population in general is trending and then governments could implement measures in the society to help people reduce the death rates and implement a much healthier society of people who are capable of living for longer durations.


Businss Community India is first of its kind company. Its decentralized, open source, and borderless community who have pledged themselves to dispense their service in a distinct manner and follows their own unique motive. The company is full of experts who promises to take to take it to new heights.